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in Columbia County, New York
Price: $950,000. + Inventory


Average Monthly Gas Volume: 60,000 gals @ .20+ cents comm = $12,000.

Average Monthly C-Store Gross Sales: $75,000 @ 40%+ margin = $30,000

Average Monthly Lotto Sales: $58,000 @ 6%+ margin = $3,500

Gallons of Gas Sold Per Year: 720,000+/- gallons

Hours of Operation: 6:00AM to 10:00PM

Here are the basic details:

$950,000 - Asking Price for the Business and Real Estate
$100,000+/- for Convenience Store Inventory and Gas in the Ground

Note: There is 7+ years ledt on the Gas Distributor Contract - Wholesale Price: RAC+1.75

Gross Income is approximately $45,500+ per month or $546,000+/- per year

Here are the monthly expenses:

$ 4,600 - Mortgage based on $700,000 at 6% with 30% down
$ 625 - Real Estate Taxes ($7,500 per year)
$ 125 - Propane gas for heat and hot water
$ 1,500 - Electricity, trash, phone and routine maintenance
$ 3,000 - Credit Card Expenses
$ 150 - Insurance
$ 4,000 - Employees (1 Full Time - 1 Part Time and 1 Owner/Operator

$ 1,500 - Miscellaneous

-$ 15,500+/- - Total Expenses
$30,000+/- Net Income per month

NOTE: Note 1: This is a confidential offering. Owners have requested that all buyers submit proof of their financial ability to purchase this gas station before any appointments can be made to meet with the Owner.

NOTE 2: Owner also requests that if you decide to visit the station before meeting with the owner, that you not talk to any employees as it becomes very disruptive for the business and the owner. If you do talk to the employees, the owner will not sell the business to you.

NOTE 3: Seller WILL NOT PROVIDE tax returns or CPA prepared P&L information. Only VERY LIMITED financial information will be produced by the owner. If needed, Buyers may be able to get partial Bank Financing for the real estate (currently assessed at $450,000.) as part of the purchase, but must still be able to provide their own financing for the remaining amount of the purchase. The Best Price will come from a CASH SALE. P&L financial information for income and expenses has been provided by the owner-seller and HAS NOT BE VERIFIED by our company.

Contact Us

Or to email John Wallace for more information at 518-392-7062.